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Trout Fishing Tactics by Jim Harmon

Trout – Fishing Tactics is a book I found difficult to get into fully and I would put this down to the fact I am mainly a fly-fisher in Scottish waters and that this book goes into detail on the spinning, bait fishing & trolling methods used for trout fishing in Australia.

Section 3 took my interest most with essential information covering types of lures ranging from spinner blades, minnow imitations, spoons and wobblers with a wide variety of different lure selections and recommendations on how to cast & retrieve each type. I had a box full of brand new lures, spoons and wobblers which was an unused gift one year so it was useful to go through the book and marry off each one against a name and find out more about them.

The final section 4 goes into massive detail on the mechanics of Trolling, never something I have tried before on freshwater reservoirs or loch’s and only something I have done it deep sea fishing sessions.

This section was definitely an education for me and after reading through it looks like it has all bases covered if you wished to start up in this type of fishing.

It explains down rigging and how to set them up properly as well as using fish-finders, types of fish-finders, selecting boat speed & lure speed, boat setup & types of engines, how to control trolling speed using drogues and more.

A very handy book to have around if you are a bait or lure fisher for sure.

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