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Tieing Tippet to Leader

A step by step instruction guide to the Needle Knot, a strong and effective link between your tippet and leader.

Each link in your fly line needs to be strong and reliable yet discrete. Tieing think tippet to thick leader can often be difficult as they are different thicknesses and so recommends using a Needle Knot to overcome this problem.

By inserting the tippet through the leader and wrapping it around the outside, an effectrive link is created that is extremely reliable. Follow the steps below to connect your tippet to leader using a Needle Knot.

Needle Knot Step 1

Needle Knot Step 1 - Pierce leader with needle.

Needle Knot Step 2

Needle Knot Step 2 - Push needle into leader and pierce outside after a few centimetres.

Needle Knot Step 3

Needle Knot Step 3 - Thread tippet through using the needle to guide it.

Needle Knot Step 4

Needle Knot Step 4 - Wrap tippet around leader with needle underneath.

Needle Knot Step 5

Needle Knot Step 5 - Thread tippet through.

Needle Knot Step 6

Needle Knot Step 6 - Pull tippet at either end to ensure a secure knot.

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