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Tick Tock – What is the Best Time to go Trout Fishing?

No matter what time you turn up to your favourite fishing spot shared by others, there will most definately always be someone who has arrived before you and someone leaving after you. So what is the best time to go fishing? Well, that depends – who do you listen to?

Firstly, lets dissect the facts on the topic before probing myths and hearsay.

1. Trout have no eyelids – Trout tend to stay in the murky depths when the sun is beating down because they have no way of protecting their eyes. They will often rise when they catch the glimpse of an attractive food source such as a damsel fly.

2. Trout don’t follow set eating patterns – From my personal experience I’ve managed to catch trout at numerous different hours during the day and often watch others having similar luck when fishing at a stocked fishery.

3. The weather plays a big part – Again this relates to point one hence why many angling enthusiasts describe the perfect trout fishing weather as an overcast day. Other factors, such as the wind, can also make a successful days fishing near impossible. If the wind is hitting the water hard and causing movement on the water bed then food will be thrown up for trout to eat and so they have no need approaching anything else that is offered to them?

4. Other factors – Forget the weather, what about other contributing factors? If you are in a fishery for example, how well have the fish been fed? Have they been fed at all? What are they feeding on? The fact is that it is not only the weather playing a part so concentrating solely on what time you go fishing will not neccessarily improve your chances of a catch.

I describe fishing like a cake mixture; there are many parts to its success and get one part wrong and you could end up with a bad cake, or in other words, going home with nothing in the cool bag. I personally prefer to fish early in the morning when the sun isn’t fully out (so the fish will rise more) and I have it in my head that it is breakfast time for them! Either that or late evening when, again, the fish will rise due as the sun falls and it is time for dinner!

After much deliberation on the topic, much of the speculation hardens into controversial wisdom that is limited to the local fishing area and derived from personal experience. I guess this highlights that you need to make a judgement for yourself through your own experiences and a little trial-and-error. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask fellow anglers questions – chances are you’ll get a tip or two that’ll help improve your chances, especially if you are new to the area.

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