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Silence is Golden…and Catches More Fish!

Does being quiet really help when fishing? Can being noisy leave your lines untouched? Apparently so, take note young fisherman…

There is simply no other way to put it. Nothing can ruin a day’s worth of fishing quite like unnecessary noise. If you want to hoot and holler whilst fishing, then by all means go for it, but in many cases you may as well just use spoiled bait or let your lines stay dry.

e have all been there. Screaming at your spouse to stop shuffling around or telling the kids that there is no way they can go swimming right now because you can feel the fish swarming. Some may tell you that you are just being anal, but the fact is that unnecessary noise can drive away fish faster than your kids run away when it is time to do the dishes.

While many experienced anglers argue the importance of staying quiet while fishing, there is also a lot to be said when it comes to keeping noise levels low during your approach as well.

Sound travels incredibly fast through the air, yet still manages to travel up to 4 times faster underwater. If a fish is within a second from chomping down on your perfect choice of lure or tempting bait, and you drop the motor down or kick up a fuss, chances are you have lost your chance. You never truly know when the fish you are after is lurking around your lure. Be patient, stay calm, stay quiet and just wait. In fishing, good things come to those who are calm, calculated and collected.

The next time you are around experienced fisherman, watch as they gently smirk at the irritated twitching and impatient rumblings of amateurs. A knock of the motor, the clang of a sinker or even a disgruntled yelp can send unwanted clues to the unsuspecting dinner that lurks below. Even the slightest clue that something is “off” up above, can send a fish jetting away from a tempting hook within moments.

Some anglers have noted that four stroke motors are much better than two strokes when trolling, but the problem still remains thanks to the exhaust noise underwater. This doesn’t mean you need to paddle out with a canoe or hop onto a 3 meter dingy though, does it?

Electric motors are becoming common place for experienced fishermen as they allow the boat to slowly creep up onto a school of fish without an explosion of noise, or an overly abundant disruption of the calm in the water. You often cannot argue with the success of “old school” anglers who opt to shut everything down, kill the engine, turn of the sonar and just wait. If you think that the ping of sonar can’t possible make a difference then just sit quiet and listen as another boat approaches with their sonar on.

Distracting and almost aggravating, isn’t it?

Fishing is supposed to be a peaceful, calm experience as it is. Whether you truly believe that sound can instantly repel fish or not, why take the chance? Take the time to reflect, shut down the engine, and just think. Take in all that surrounds you, enjoy the silence and save the screams of bravado for when you hook into that rod bending monster that lies silently below the surface waiting.

The silence is well worth it in the end.

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