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Cortland Launches Climax Line for 2010

Cortland, the leading American fly fishing tackle manufacturer, has recently announced the launch of its Climax Fly Line range.

Cortland Line have been producing trusted fly fishing products, including reels, leaders, tippets, rods, flies and last but not least, lines. And today, we are proud to introduce their new Climax 2010 floating fly lines.

cortland climax line

Their Ultimate Distance fly line (WF 4-8) is a weight forward line which has been engineered to maximise the casting distance of your fast action rod. Elongated front and rear tapers, combined with an extremely long level head allow experienced anglers to double-haul and roll cast to exceptional distances whilst still ensuring an elegant landing of their fly on the water.

Cortland’s Big Fly (WF 7-10) line is also a weight forward design that has been made to load roads quickly and turn over big flies. Whatever your situation, the Big Fly line packs a punch to get big flies to turn over impressively.

More information can be found at Cortland’s Official Website –

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