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Exclamation Rules of the forum...

As time progresses and the forum grows into an active community I'll probably amend this section but for now here are some simple rules to follow whilst on the forum...

Posting on the Forum

  • Do not post just to place a link to your website/affiliate url, this will simply be removed. At this time no self promotion is allowed unless a user specifically asks for a product/service you provide.
  • Avoid posts such as "I agree" or "me too"; try to contribute something useful to the forum to make it as best as it can be.
  • Healthy, constructive debates are welcomed but racism, bigotry, extreme rudeness and such behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • If you are looking for something, try searching for it before posting as it may have already been discussed. This will avoid duplicate posts and confusion to other members.
Your Profile

  • You can amend the settings on your profile to include a homepage url, signature and such. This is your opportunity to link users to relevant content however please to not link to anything illegal, explicit or irrelevant.
  • Your signature can hold html and url links/graphics. Again, please follow the above rule and keep it to a maximum of 3 outgoing links.
Note to all users: The forums contain content that is user generated and unmoderated before being posted., a trading name of Ethan Hardy Ltd, will not be held responsible the content published or any outgoing links/advertisements.

The aim of the forums is to create a welcoming community where trout anglers can participate in postive discussions, share information, advice and recommendations. and its partners aims for this forum to be the best it can be, so please help in any way you can.
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If you're new here, why not register to participate? Once you have, be sure to read the rules of the forum.