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alfon 01-16-2010 06:40 AM

Make money tying flies
Tying flies requires descent skills and patience, and it's definitely not for everyone. Thinking of that, an idea popped up in my mind that if you are good in tying flies, you could earn extra income tying flies for your friends and other interested fly fishers.

What do you think?

papabear 01-16-2010 07:15 AM

I think it is a great idea. A hobbyist like me, with little spare time to tie flies on a hook would be one of your customers.

drey 01-16-2010 10:08 AM

It's a good idea of making extra income. I believe your friends and other people knowing your service will be interested because they can get quality flies for cheaper price (assuming that you charge them less than they would spend for ready made flies on the market).

skipper 01-16-2010 11:06 AM

Someone who can tie a really good looking fly will always have a customer if they want to sell their flies. For someone like me who doesn't want to hassle with tying, I'd be ready to hand over my money for a good looking fly without thinking twice.

Speymad 01-16-2010 10:08 PM

As a fly designer and tyer of around thirty years, I can say with hand on heart that to make money at this game is HARD work. Everyone thinks that you can turn out flies cheaper than the bulk tyers on eBay and the like - not so! If you want flies that will catch fish over and over again and last for several years, thay's a different matter entirely. My flies are definitely not cheap, they are however superb value. some of my customers have flies I tied for them ten years ago and they still catch fish. Any fly built to a price will fall apart fairly quickly. So..... who wants to buy cheap flies??????

Wader 01-17-2010 07:45 AM

Thanks Speymad for the info. I am glad to hear it directly from an experienced fly designer and tyer. And that's so true. I read somewhere that you should either buy quality tied flies or tie them yourself. Don't go for cheap flies.

Garth 01-17-2010 04:48 PM

I know I would pay a buddy to make flies for me. I don't have any idea how to make them and I want to learn. I would rather pay a buddy then give the money to a store.

So if you are great at it, then go for it!

trophyfish 01-17-2010 09:01 PM

You know I never really thought about it. If you are good at it and have friends who would be willing to buy them, why not? I bet you can't sell them as cheap as they can on e-bay but if these friends know how hard it is to tie their own flies they might buy them.

alfon 01-18-2010 03:48 AM

Thanks guys, it seems that it can be done. Thanks also Speymad for the enlightening answer. That's true. It is the quality instead of the price that matters. There is no point to buy a cheap fly if no trout would strike it.

player 01-18-2010 06:53 AM

That's a very bright idea you have there, alfon. I'm new to trouting and I do find it very difficult tying flies. In fact I also observed quite a number of trouters do present themselves with the similar predicament.

Skills do have their rewards.

BlackLine 01-18-2010 11:42 PM

I have a chum in the US who makes muskie lures. They don't make a lot of money, but it is a really nice side business. They make enough to pay for their own fishing trips and a nice holiday.

mirror 01-21-2010 07:46 AM

On the side yes, this kind of business can have some income potential as long as you know how to promote your stuff. But then again very few people knows this business anyway.

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