Trout Fishing Holidays

For those who love fishing for trout, the UK boasts some of the best fishing opportunities and scenic backdrops in Europe. If you’re looking to get away and enjoy a little of your favourite sport, then what better way than to do so with a tailor made trout fishing holiday package?

Here’s a few holiday providers we recommend…


Wild Trout Fisher recommended
Forbes of Kingennie
Spey Caster
Tay Fishing Perthshire


Fishing Breaks
UK Country Holidays


Anglers World


North Wales Fly Fishing School


Aardvark McLeod
Angling Direct
Fishing in New Zealand
Where Wise Men Fish

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Why Go On A Fishing Holiday?

Fishing holidays have all the important elements of a perfect getaway. They provide a beautiful place to stay, usually with great food and accommodation, against the backdrop of a wonderful natural environment. The main difference is that the location and the activities are all geared towards fishing!

Fishing holidays are perfect for individuals, groups and even companies and businesses who want to experience some of the most beautiful and abundant fishing destinations in the UK, catching a variety of species of trout. Any fishing holiday provider will always make sure you get the maximum from your experience and local guides will offer indespensible advice to ensure a higher catch rate.

Something for Everyone

You don’t have to be a keen angler to enjoy trout fishing holidays in the UK. Many couples enjoy these holidays and continue to do so year after year. Why? They are the perfect opportunity to get away from modern fast-paced living and to enjoy the peace of nature. Not to mention a little pampering with cosy, comfortable accommodation and food included with many holiday packages.

Benefits of Choosing A Fishing Holiday Over A Traditional Holiday

Many keen anglers simply decide to book their own holiday with fishing as an added bonus. However, by choosing a specially developed fishing holiday you can take advantage of a wide range of benefits.

Be Surrounded By Experts and Passionate Anglers – One of the most obvious benefits of trout fishing holidays in the UK is that you’ll be surrounded by people who share your passion. And, if you’re not that experienced, you’ll have the benefit of expert advice and guidance that you simply won’t get on a traditional holiday. You might even find there are some great fishing competitions to join!

Be Introduced to Something New – Whether experienced or new to trout fishing, choosing a specialist fishing holiday will introduce you to something new. That could just mean the stunning landscapes, or it may be that you catch a species of trout you’ve never seen before!

Bespoke Packages – Many holiday suppliers even offer bespoke fishing packages, meaning you can get the very best out of the experience. This could include additional guides for larger parties, or extra long fishing trips for those who need to get away for a while.

The Cost of Fishing Holidays and What to Expect

The cost of your trout fishing break will vary according to a wide range of factors. Most holidays will include a level of guidance, but if you require more then you should expect to pay more. The price will also depend on how long you are looking to stay, though in general you can go on a trout fishing holiday for a similar price to any other type of holiday in the UK, depending on your accommodation and catering.

In short, trout fishing holidays in the UK give you everything you need for a perfect getaway at an affordable price!

p.s. the next time you go on a fishing holiday abroad, remember to compare flights to save yourself money!

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