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  1. As long as you know there are no bones left in the fish then you should go ahead and feed it to your children. A variety of flavours, tastes and textures is brilliant for encouraging them to eat different foods other than the mass produced shite every child is expected to eat ie;
    chicken nuggets (how many chickens have you seen with a nugget?)
    chips – the good old british staple
    You go girl!!

  2. Of course it does and you should never in a million years consider feeding it to a 10 month old nor the 3 year old!
    If you want to feed your kids fish, that is great but buy fillets in the store, talk to your fishmonger about what would have bones and what wouldn’t.
    Filleted right or not, there can stil be small bones. Trout is not a good choice for kids so small.

  3. All fish have bones.. some fish just have smaller bones that can be swallowed by humans and be really uncomfortable.
    Don’t give any thing risky to your 10 month old or your three year old. Too much to have to worry about.
    UNLESS: you want to sit at the dinner table and MAKE SURE SURE SURE SURE that the fish you’re giving them doesn’t have any bones in it by making it into absolute mush.
    That’s the only way, I think. Good luck!

  4. Buy filets. However, even the best filets sometimes have small bones left. I wouldn’t have a problem serving fish to a three year old, but I would cut it into small pieces first to check for bones. I wouldn’t feed it to the baby, though, for food allergy reasons.

  5. yes, all invertebrates have bones. mush up the meat from the belly of the fish and you should have less bones. when you mush the meat you will find what little bones there are. it is easier to find the bones when the fish is raw rather than cooked so if possible search for the bones before cooking and remove them.

  6. If I were you, I would remove pieces of meat which are sized to them, and serve them thus.
    The meat is rather easy to separate from the bones, which are not as numerous as say, buffalo fish.
    We did this with our children. Ten month old? Hmmmm… I don’t know. I refer this to the pediatricians and nutritionalists.

  7. The bones are big enough that you should be able to find them if you ‘flake’ the fish and look through the layers.
    They are not as big as say, salmon bones, but you should be able to see/feel them if you cut up the fish before giving it to them.

  8. Yes it does have bones I’m afraid. You can remove them in one go quite easily but there is a technique! Tinned Salmon is good for kids my health visitor said, and the bones in it can be mashed up. Really good for them. Not sure if ok at 10 months old though.

  9. Lots of bones. However, you can remove the bones before you cook the fish and then when the fish is cooked make sure there are no bones by flaking off the fish before you serve it.

  10. and you have children?
    for those who actually thumbs-downed me: come on. what kind of fish doesn’t have bones, really. and anyway, if they truly didn’t know, wouldn’t they find out when they cooked the darn thing??

  11. Yes, fish have bones, unless you bought it without bones. Even then, some small ones may remain in it. I would say it is probably not the best choice to eat for a 10 month old or a 3 year old child.

  12. Yes, I would get your fishmonger to fillet it for you. I would still check it before quickly pan frying with a little oil and salt and pepper. Trout is a lovely fish, is it brown or rainbow?

  13. All fish have bones, just make sure you buy some that have already been de-boned, that should be fine as long as you double check through it before you give it to them

  14. Trout does which stops it being a jellyfish :), trout fillet doesn’t though you can never be 100% sure, so it’s worth checking before giving to your kids.

  15. No, my dear troll friend. Trout do not have bones. They are known as floppy sinking fish. You can safely feed them to new born babies.

  16. Yes – but easily dealt with – just cook and peel out the spine which should remove the worst of them. Check the portion you give to little one carefully though.

  17. yes… unless they are fillets then the bones should be out, but with any fish there is still a chance of a stray bone. You could pick through it before giving it to them.

  18. Yes, trout has bones, and quite a few of them! I would make sure I checked every bite very thoroughly before giving it to my kids – any age.

  19. Trout has many small bones, which can be removed but if you are giving it to children, be VERY sure those bones are ALL out

  20. yes trout is very bony, I would advise against giving it to little ones as it poses a very serious choking hazard.

  21. Yes they have bones, I would pull the bones out and let the 3 yr old eat it but not the 10 month old.

  22. Trout have bones yes, but if you filet them right, or if they are done up right, there should be no bones in the meat.

  23. Of course it has bones. I certainly wouldn’t give it to a baby and would be very careful about the 3 yr old.

  24. no dont give them that unless you really really tear it apart and look through it. i would just make them fish sticks if i were you tho… lol

  25. yes but usually on the base of the meat. very easy to take out. make sure to cut through to make sure there are no small peices

  26. Yes trout has bones. You could give them some but you would have to make sure there are no bones in it.

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