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How Do You De-bone A Trout?

I found a recipe that im trying out 2nite. The trout is served with the head on, but how do I take the bones out and still keep the head on?

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  1. Oh my! Clamping the head? Electric knife? Big long process? So much bother for a little bitty trout! And yes, it’s called de-boning, not boning.
    Keep it simple, cook it whole…….
    Clean the raw trout if it isn’t already. Cut out the gills with sharp scissors. With a sharp filet knife, cut on the belly from the tail to the head and clean out the guts. Rinse inside and out under cold running water.
    Then cook the little guy how you like. Bake, Saute, Grill, Stuff him if you want and maybe make a nice sauce.
    When he’s ready to serve make a cut in the skin along the backbone from tail to head and slip off the skin. Carefully remove the tender filet to a serving plate. Turn it over and repeat.
    (Chef/30 years)

  2. The first step is to gather all your tools. Also have a waist high table as a work surface. The tools you will need are a very sharp knife or an electric knife. The best knife to use is a filet knife. Since a filet knife is made just for this purpose, it helps to make the job easier.
    You will also need a filet board, preferable one with a strong clamp to hold the trout’s head firmly. If you can’t find a board with a clamp, get a pair of gloves textured for gripping.
    You will need a bucket or pan of salted water to put fresh trout filets in.
    Tip: soaking the filets in slightly salted water overnight helps to remove some of the fishy taste, giving them a milder, more pleasant flavor.
    The last thing you will need is a bucket to put the carcasses in after you cut off the filet.
    Filet: the nitty-gritty
    To begin the process of cutting off the filets, you need to secure the trout so it doesn’t slip around. If using a board with a clamp, firmly clamp the trout’s head to the board. If using gloves, grip the trout’s head firmly. Next, take your knife and cut beneath the gills to the backbone. Now turn the knife and cut down the backbone but stop before you cut through the skin at the tail. All of this cutting will be between the ribcage and the flesh. You are basically cutting off the entire side of the trout. Next, flip the filet over with the skin side down. Cut between the meat and the skin. The process is the same for the other side of the trout. After you have cut both filets off of the trout, cut off any of the ribcage that may have been cut off with the filet. This is about all you need to do as far as deboning trout when filleting them. It is okay to cut into the ribcage, but don’t cut too deep and cut the guts. Remember, these fish have not been gutted!
    Now that you know how to filet trout, you also know how to filet fish in general. It is the same no matter what kind of fish it is.

  3. Please do not try
    if you fry or roast – – the meat will separate from the spine and the ribs come out with it – – first you remove the fins and dorsal
    lift the head 2 inches or so and with a fork at the gill cage pry the meat loose now turn the fish to the other side and repeat
    the tail fin should be crispy and can be eaten and there is muscle in the cheek tiny but excellently sweet
    Filleting will sever the ribs and you end up picking them out at each bite
    I envy you ?

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