3 thoughts on “What Is The Best Bait For Brown Trout In A Pond?”

  1. Of all the trout found in North American waters, brown trout are known for being the most predatory. They prefer to eat other fish, crayfish, and frogs. For that reason, you will have better luck with baits like live and lively minnows, or lures which VERY closely replicate them. Depending on the size of the browns in your pond, you may select minnow-looking lures ranging in size from 3 to 6 or more inches. I prefer the broken-back or jointed minnows for the extra action, and I mostly use lures that dive to 6 feet or less. Another of our favorites is the GITZIT jigs in the trout or minnow colors and patterns. The more realistic the look and action is, the more results you will have. Here in Alaska, we use the 6 or 7 inch jointed minnow lures to catch BIG rainbows. It WORKS! We made that discovery quite by accident while fishing the big broken-backs for northern pike. WOW! What a surprise. It has TOTALLY changed the way we fish for trout. A good friend of ours from Sportsman’s Warehouse was fishing the GITZIT jigs for rainbow trout when he started hammering salmon as well. I have caught trout and arctic char as well as three kinds of salmon on the jigs since he told us about them. We still use Berkley GULP and Power Baits on occasion, but when we target the BIG fish, the jointed minnow is our FIRST choice followed closely by the GITZIT jigs. I highly recommend them. I think you will too. Good luck!

  2. Yessss, that power bait should work great. Its that dough stuff right? You see, the thing about trout fishing in a pond is, ponds are NOT trouts natural habitat, because they need clear rocky bottoms with flowing water to reproduce,( no one know, thats just the way it is ) , this means the trout you will be catching, would have been “stocked” ( put in ) when they were just wee fish. When trout are stocked, they are put in when thay are about 4 inches long, untill they are released, all they are fed is food very very similar to your power bait, for some reason, this drives them crazy, they love it. But incase your power bait isnt working, bring some worms if you can, Also, I seem to nail alot of trout on spinners, but many pond fish refuse to bite anything moveing too much.
    I dissagree very much with dan B’s answer about use big fast bait, they are good for Big lakes and rivers, NOT ponds
    Toss out some power bait and be patiant, bring somthing to do as it may be a while before you get one, but when you do its great fun. Fry them with butter if you like.

  3. I used to catch brown trout and all i used wa a fly hook. no bait needed and you can refuse as much as you want.

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