Archive: October, 2009

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Tieing Tippet to Leader

A step by step instruction guide to the Needle Knot, a strong and effective link between your tippet and leader.

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Cortland Launches Climax Line for 2010

Cortland, the leading American fly fishing tackle manufacturer, has recently announced the launch of its Climax Fly Line range.

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Spooning a Trout to Select Bait

Finding out what the local trout have been feeding on can help increase your prospective chances of increasing the number of bites your line gets. Spooning a catch to investigate its body contents will reveal what it has recently been feeding on.

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Tweedale Millennium Trout Fishery, Haddington

A trip with two friends to the Tweedale Millennium Fishery in Haddington proved to be an enjoyable day with a number of catches and a good all round experience.

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Helping to Save Rivers from Pollution by Monitoring Fly Life

An initiative by anglers, set up to help give an indication of the state of fly life in rivers of Britain, has provided valuable information on their future sport as well as evidence of pollution.

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5 Tips on Properly Releasing a Trout

Handling a fiery trout once out the water can be a a real challenge, especially if you’re intending to return it to the water undamaged. So we’ve put together 5 tips on returning a trout to the water safely.

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Landing Aggressive Trout with Spoons

Speaking with a lot of experienced and beginner anglers alike you will notice that a lot of fishers are uncomfortable fishing for trout with spoons. The truth is that they are missing out. There seems to some sort of fear when it comes to using spoons, and most of the worry is really unjust.

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Scotland’s Trout Fishing

Our resident Scottish expert Lesley Crawford gives her thoughts on fishing for trout in Scotland, with an insight into her tackle choices and recommendations.

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