Archive: November, 2009

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Taking on the Scottish Loch Challenge

Tackling Scottish Lochs can be very challenging to any angler, so Lesley kindly takes us through her top tips when approaching new waters. From understanding local food sources to choosing your location, this article outlines some of the most important tactics to use.

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Penn XCEL Multi Tool

A short and sharp review of the Penn XCEL Multi Tool, a compact and reliable piece of kit designed for the demanding angler.

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The Basics of Fly Fishing

There are thousands of different pieces of fly fishing gear, millions of articles and tips, and even more people out there who swear that they know the secrets of successful trout fishing. However, with this abundance of information and opinions often makes things seem far more complicated than they really are.

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Excitement at the Ravensthorpe Reservoir and Autumn Open

The Ravensthorpe Reservoir has been seeing some lively action this year, as trout anglers have been sporting a rod average of over five. The fish have been happily feeding even in the worst of conditions, as this past weekend 22 anglers combined to catch 89 fish altogether. These kinds of results are not that common in the area and have local fishers excited and flocking to the area.

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