Archive: January, 2010

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Defeating Drag to Catch More Trout

There are more than a few anglers out there who will tell you that trout are almost impossible to catch. That isn’t necessarily true, but these smart fish can prove to be quite difficult to get a hold of and that is what makes so many fly fishers fall in love with trout fishing. Trout are difficult to catch thanks to their instincts and the never ending suspicion that their tiny brains continuously pump out.

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Fishing Mishaps!

Over the years and many days out fishing for trout I have witnessed some funny and strange mishaps which have resulted in a few tears being shed, sometimes in pain and sometimes laughter, but more often than not, both together.

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Gartmorn Dam Fishery, Clackmannanshire Country Park

Gartmorn Dam Fishery is located within the Gartmorn Dam Country Park in Sauchie. It is a large nature reserve popular with walkers, cyclists, sailing enthusiasts and last but not least, fishermen. The water contains both Rainbows and Brown trout but is presently in its 5th year of a Back to Brown campaign, whereby it is gradually returning itself to a brown trout only water as the seasons go by.

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Create Your Own Success with Emergers

Whether you want to admit it or not, the truth is that most trout feeding on dry flies are actually mistaking your bait for emergers. If you find that hard to believe then sit back near a shoreline and carefully watch trout right in the middle of a mayfly or midge hatch.

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Hooking a Steelhead Trout

Steelheads are something special to say the least, and if you have ever hooked into one then you already know that. However, taking one with a fly rod is an experience in and of itself, and is even better when done in the winter months. Steelheads are the biggest challenge and there are many anglers who have confidently stated that they cannot be taken on flies, but that just is not the case.

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Seeking out Speckled Trout

If you have ever hooked into one, or even dreamt of it, then you already know that speckled trout are one of the most exciting game fish to head after. Unfortunately, there are not many anglers in the world who decide to seek out these exciting trout with their fly fishing gear. Whether it be skepticism or intimidation, there is a seemingly infinite amount of fishers that refuse to believe in the productivity of saltwater fly fishing.

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