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Land a Bargain with an Airflo Landing Net

Landing a fighter can be difficult if you’re on your own, but with this long handled Airflo Landing Net the challenge is simplified. The shorter the fight, the better chance you have of either landing the fish or releasing it without harm.

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Stay Warm This Winter and Save 60%

With winter fast approaching, many anglers are getting in a last session of fishing before hitting the water next season. Standing still during such cold times can take its toll on your body, especially as it works harder to stay warm. But, with a combination of advances in technology and seasonal offers, anglers can fight off the drop in temperatures whilst enjoying some last minute fishing.

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Dr. Slick Nipper and Zinger Combo

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only angler who has been in a situation where we’ve raided our tackle box and pockets to find a pair of misplaced scissors. Having things to hand when angling makes your life easier and your angling experience seamless, and that’s why I love this combination of nippers with a pin badge zinger from Dr. Slick.

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Polaroid Polarised Sunglasses – Save over 35%

These fantastic Polaroid sunglasses are the best in polarised eyewear available to anglers today. The quality is second to none so why not grab them at an amazing discount price before it’s too late!

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Penn XCEL Multi Tool

A short and sharp review of the Penn XCEL Multi Tool, a compact and reliable piece of kit designed for the demanding angler.

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Excitement at the Ravensthorpe Reservoir and Autumn Open

The Ravensthorpe Reservoir has been seeing some lively action this year, as trout anglers have been sporting a rod average of over five. The fish have been happily feeding even in the worst of conditions, as this past weekend 22 anglers combined to catch 89 fish altogether. These kinds of results are not that common in the area and have local fishers excited and flocking to the area.

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The Trout Fishers Handbook by Lesley Crawford

A short and concise review of The Trout Fisher’s Handbook by Lesley Crawford, one of the most respected trout fishing books available today. Lesley knows her stuff and this book contains some of her top tips, answers to common questions and tactics for tackling streams, rivers and lakes.

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Stuffed Trout Wrapped in Bacon

A simple yet delicious trout recipe combining an assortment of fresh herbs with bacon. The beauty of this recipe is that it is easy to follow and the cooked trout can be served with a number of accompaniments.

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Grilled Rainbow Trout with Lemon and Parsley

A simple yet delicious recipe for grilling trout and serving with a varieting of accompaniments.

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Tieing Tippet to Leader

A step by step instruction guide to the Needle Knot, a strong and effective link between your tippet and leader.

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