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Cortland Launches Climax Line for 2010

Cortland, the leading American fly fishing tackle manufacturer, has recently announced the launch of its Climax Fly Line range.

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Tweedale Millennium Trout Fishery, Haddington

A trip with two friends to the Tweedale Millennium Fishery in Haddington proved to be an enjoyable day with a number of catches and a good all round experience.

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Stalking Big Trout in Autumn

Wild and free, large brown trout are elusive creatures capable of detecting minute changes in their surroundings. Stalking them is difficult, especially as the season comes to a close.

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Two Simple Trout Spinning Rigs

This introduction to trout spinning shows you two simple trout fishing setups that are effective and used by both novice and experienced anglers.

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How to Tie a Fishing Hook Knot

You’re reeling in a fighter, he’s only a few metres away and bang…he slips off your line? Why? A few reasons spring to mind, and one that never fails is the fact you tied the line to your hook with a simple double knot. In short, that simply won’t do.

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Silence is Golden…and Catches More Fish!

Does being quiet really help when fishing? Can being noisy leave your lines untouched? Apparently so, take note young fisherman…

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The Damsel Nymph – A Sure Winner

The damsel nymph is a popular fly amongst anglers, but what makes it so special? An explanation into the life of the natural fly and the year-round use of it when fly fishing provides a good insight.

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Does Powerbait Really Have The “Power”?

Sitting in clear tubs lies a vibrant dough type mixture with glitter that promises the Earth when it comes to fishing for trout. But does Berkley Powerbait really have the power it so eagerly promotes? I put it to the test on two occassions with mixed results.

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Top Trout Lures

Spinning using lures as an artifical bait can be a deadly method of catching wild or stocked trout. Here we’ve picked 3 top lures, as recommended by fellow anglers, to ensure your fishing is more effective.

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5 Baits Trout Cannot Resist

With advances in technology, angling research and gold old fashioned wives tales, there are now many forms of bait that you can use when fishing trout. Whether it is artificial or real, dead or alive, the next time you head to the trout hole, consider these five baits. Trout find them irresistible, so anglers should too.

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