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Trout Winter Fishing Tips

Trout may not hibernate like bears, but it sure can seem that way if you have ever gone fishing in cold waters. Trout are cold blooded and slow down everything that they do in the winter months. They will once again become a lot more active as the water begins to warm in the spring, as do the insects that they regularly eat. While spring, summer and fall are quite different in their own right, each season has insects and fish that are active and making things happen.

Winter is entirely different.

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An Introduction to Brook Trout Fishing Techniques

Brook trout are moody and very easily spooked which makes them one of the most challenging fish to catch. The anglers that have the most success with brook trout are the ones who are persistent and patient, and they are rewarded with beautiful and delicious fish.

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Tackling Small Trout Rivers and Streams

Finding a good fishing spot with peace and tranquility can be a bit of challenge during seasonal peaks. And changes in your fishing environment may require changes in your techniques. Here, resident writer Drew Clement provides five indispensibe tips to aid your angling experience.

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What Makes Trout Bite into Bait?

Anyone who has ever fished for trout has definitely asked themselves what it is that makes trout bite into bait. They can be so fickle at times and then at others they seem to jump on anything that passes them by. To help you understand the trout you are after a little more, we are going to discuss some of the main reasons that trout will strike.

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Wading for Trout Safely

Wading is something that most trout anglers will do at some point of their fishing career. While it is suggested by many to avoid wading if you can ever simply fish from the shore, it is something that is required in some areas. If you are heading into the water then keep these tips in mind, and you can ensure you stay safe while catching the most trout possible.

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The Basics of Fly Fishing

There are thousands of different pieces of fly fishing gear, millions of articles and tips, and even more people out there who swear that they know the secrets of successful trout fishing. However, with this abundance of information and opinions often makes things seem far more complicated than they really are.

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An Introduction to Using a Mini Jig

Considering how effective mini jigs are when fishing for trout, they are far less popular than they should be. Essentially, mini jigs are small plastic bodies that are fished on extremely light jig heads. These incredibly light heads have been credited for a number of trophy trout catches and work wonders in places such as mountain lakes, beaver ponds and spring creeks.

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Back to School – Tips for the Fresh Start Trout Angler

Understanding the basics of trout fishing immediately puts you at an advantage against over-enthusiastic anglers that have bought all the kit and more but have no relevant experience. Drew discusses a few basic tips that will be sure to come in handy.

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Using Worms To Catch a Hungry Trout

Drew takes us back to basics and explains his top tips on catching trout using worms; an old classic bait that is still well respected today.

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Using a Leader to Land a Monster Trout

The increase in fishing enthusiasts and competitions as the sport evolves means our catch are becoming more vary of what’s on offer. Using a spinning leader will help land a monster trout but ensure that you’ve taken the appropriate steps to secure and conceal your line before casting.

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