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The Importance of Your Fishing Hooks

With all the focus, strategies, choices, and tips concerning location for trout fishing as well as the debate over certain rods and reels, it is easy to forget how important trout fishing hooks are.

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Reading Trout Streams

Reading a trout stream is an incredibly important aspect of fishing, yet one that does not always come easy to every angler. Doing it properly means that you need to understand the psychology of trout and how they behave.

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Learning the Double Haul Cast

The double haul is an advanced and effective fly casting technique that allows you to cast towards the wind, work with a wider range of flies and increase your catch rate with better presentation.

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The Principles of Fly Casting

Fly casting is like an art – there are many ways to do it but you can pick up bad habits and get settled in one form of casting. In this article Drew looks at the principles of fly casting.

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Fly Rod and Reel Maintenance

Prolonging the life of your tackle is vital if you want to ensure that fighting trout doesn’t slip away at the last minute and more importantly, if you want to avoid buying new kit every season.

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Helpful Tips on Fishing Stillwaters

Time and patience is required to master the art of fishing stillwaters, particularly for elusive trout. Understanding the anatomy of the lake and spotting opportunities is explained in this article.

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Spooning a Trout to Select Bait

Finding out what the local trout have been feeding on can help increase your prospective chances of increasing the number of bites your line gets. Spooning a catch to investigate its body contents will reveal what it has recently been feeding on.

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5 Tips on Properly Releasing a Trout

Handling a fiery trout once out the water can be a a real challenge, especially if you’re intending to return it to the water undamaged. So we’ve put together 5 tips on returning a trout to the water safely.

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Landing Aggressive Trout with Spoons

Speaking with a lot of experienced and beginner anglers alike you will notice that a lot of fishers are uncomfortable fishing for trout with spoons. The truth is that they are missing out. There seems to some sort of fear when it comes to using spoons, and most of the worry is really unjust.

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Tight Lines for Landing Trout

Whether you have been fishing for decades, years or even days, you have probably heard the term “tight lines”. Well people do not just use the phrase because they are bored. The simple fact of the matter is that loose lines are the single best way to lose fish.

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