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Greys GRXi + Rod, Reel and Line Kit

2 seasons ago my rod and reel was becoming a bit shabby and had been well used so I decided to shop around for a new bit of kit and seen some great value offers on the Greys GRXi series rods. An angling buddy of mine also used this kit so after a few practice sessions on his I decided to go for it. I ended up with a lot more for my money than I initially realized I would be getting as 3 days after ordering my rod and reel combo, my package arrived.

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Fishing Mishaps!

Over the years and many days out fishing for trout I have witnessed some funny and strange mishaps which have resulted in a few tears being shed, sometimes in pain and sometimes laughter, but more often than not, both together.

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Gartmorn Dam Fishery, Clackmannanshire Country Park

Gartmorn Dam Fishery is located within the Gartmorn Dam Country Park in Sauchie. It is a large nature reserve popular with walkers, cyclists, sailing enthusiasts and last but not least, fishermen. The water contains both Rainbows and Brown trout but is presently in its 5th year of a Back to Brown campaign, whereby it is gradually returning itself to a brown trout only water as the seasons go by.

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Harpsdale Fishery, Halkirk

Each September for the last 4 years, my local fishing club, the Fenmore, based in Edinburgh, has been visiting Wick for a long weekend away, sampling the fishing venues and a few of the drinking establishments along the way. Having struck up a friendship with a local fishing club in Wick, the Back Bridge club, we decided in September 2007 to start up an inter-club competition, where we would fish against each other for a trophy as well as have a good laugh at the same time.

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The Bloodworm Fly

The dreaded Scottish midges are a pain for many an angler especially up in the Highlands where they seem to have an even harsher bite to them. A close relative of these The non-biting Midge Fly are not so much a pain for anglers but more a all year round delight, as the larvae of the Midge Fly are a hot favourite of the Trout and form a large part of their diet.

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Trout Fishing Tactics by Jim Harmon

Trout – Fishing Tactics is a book I found difficult to get into fully and I would put this down to the fact I am mainly a fly-fisher in Scottish waters and that this book goes into detail on the spinning, bait fishing & trolling methods used for trout fishing in Australia.

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Trout – The Complete Guide by John van Vliet

Trout – The Complete Guide is a very easy and informative read for any trout anglers out there and almost made me feel as though as I was back in school going over and refreshing my memory on the basics of the sport I have been doing for about 17 years now.

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Winter Fly Fishing Lures

With the winter months being upon us now and the brown trout season finished its time for the small waters and the Rainbow trout to keep the keenest cold weather anglers occupied. Given that rainbow trout definitely thrive in fresh cold waters, the winter season can be as fruitful a time as any to go fishing.

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Rosslynlee Trout Fishery, Peniculk

Rosslynlee Trout Fishery is located about 5 miles from the outskirts of Edinburgh and is one of the most local fisheries to myself and one I have visited on many occasions this year and for several years before. The fishery grounds are very well kept and the lodge on site sells tackle, flies, refreshments and more importantly hot drinks, which were just the ticket on a chilly mid-November day like today.

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Daiwl Bach – The Little Devil

The ‘Little Devil’ is one of many effective all year round nymphs. Its translation to Welsh is the Daiwl Bach, familiar to all but a few fly fishermen and a fly that should be in everyone’s fly box. I have loads of them, various colours and sizes, and often throw out an attractive looking pattern of daiwl bach nymphs. My favourite is a red daiwl back, suitable I think for a little devil fly and it has a very aesthetically pleasing look about it in the water.

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