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The Trout Fishers Handbook by Lesley Crawford

A short and concise review of The Trout Fisher’s Handbook by Lesley Crawford, one of the most respected trout fishing books available today. Lesley knows her stuff and this book contains some of her top tips, answers to common questions and tactics for tackling streams, rivers and lakes.

Here at, we are fortunate enought to have Lesley Crawford contribute a monthly piece on trout fishing. Her indispensible knowledge and years of experience make her one of the most respected authors in the UK freshwater angling circle. When I first started I was quick to purchase a few books with the idea that I would have a greater idea of what anglers wanted to read whilst enhancing my own knowledge.

Lesley’s book, The Trout Fishers Handbook, was the first I picked up and read through the chapters whilst enjoying a holiday in Portugal. Not only was impressed with Lesley’s research into the history of fly fishing, she adds snippets of humour to keep the book light hearted but heavily accurate.

The Trout Fishers Handbook covers every aspect of trout fly fishing, including rods, tackle, flies, casting techniques and tactics. Lesley adds extensive advice and suggestions along the way, ensuring essential topics are well covered whilst contributing her own personal experiences too. Detailed photographs are printed throughout to allow the angler to have a visual understanding of the advice.

Part 1 of the Trout Fishers Handbook covers tackle selection on still and flowing waters, the effects weather has on trout fishing. Part 2 devotes is more in depth with information on streams, rivers and large lakes.

Questions and answers and tips complete this invaluable yet affordable hardback. The Trout Fisher’s Handbook is certainly an angling book worth reading and it is available from with free delivery.

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