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Loganlea Trout Fishery

Loganlea Fishery is a water board reservoir high up in the Pentland Hills on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Taking the turn off at the Flotterstone Inn pub off the A702 you climb the best part of 1000 feet up into the hills passing Clencourse Reservoir on the way before you arrive at Loganlea.

Glencourse Reservoir is a trout fishery worth a visit also, being run by Dooks Fisheries and several boats available to hire. Loganlea is definitely my favourite of the two waters, a very deep reservoir with hills banking up each side, making it very unsuitable for wading unless you’re a good swimmer! Plus it is stocked with some very fit, good fighting trout from about 2 pound up into double figures.

Loganlea Trout Fishery

Loganlea Trout Fishery

There are about 10 boats available to hire which is a good way of covering all the water, but I would advise only on a day when the wind is light. On past outings I have spent half the day rowing back into position due to the wind and always promised myself that I would save some pennies and buy myself an outboard. A good drogue or 2 would be needed at least as when the wind gets up it can funnel down the glen and right through Loganlea at a good rate of knots.

There are plenty good bank fishing spots to try as well and that was my plan today. It was a little windy but nothing too heavy but was a bit chilly and I couldn’t see much movement on the water as I trekked down towards the dam head wall. The bothy is located along the North bank about half way up the reservoir and the manager Alex is usually available to provide some tips and advice or sort you out with a tea or coffee. The top end of the water is shallower and sometimes more popular with the bank fishers but the dam head and the bottom corners are good hot spots too and I was heading there first. I was on a 4 hour catch & release ticket which in times of the credit crunch is pretty good value on a water like this. In comparison to many water in the area, Loganlea is great value for the sporting tickets and the keep fish tickets.

I had set up with a single lure to start with, a skimpy beaded lure, similar to a damsel. It had been tied up by a mate Billy, who had given me a handful and swore that they would be a good bet as he had caught a brace the day before. The bead on the head of the lure was seemingly luminous when in darker water and would benefit from a torch light held over it for about 30 seconds to activate it even more before casting out, so I gave it a go. The wind was blowing down onto the dam head but with the weighted head on the lure I was managing to punch the cast out beneath the wind no problem. There were trout moving along the dam head, some very close to the dam and in the corners and I had 2 or 3 good pulls. I eventually managed to hook into one straight out next to the walkway off the dam wall, but was lucky not to lose my rod at the same time.

Loganlea Trout Fishery

Loganlea Trout Fishery

After casting out I had placed my rod down and pulled a bottle of juice out of my bag when I saw the line tighten and the reel start to zip round. Quick as a flash and just in time I grabbed the rod and the fish was tearing my line down to the backing. The fly must have dropped and sank a good few feet before it caught the attention of a trout just as I was laying my rod down. It was a strong fish and it made a couple of spinning leaps out of the water while still down on the backing. It looked a good 5 pounder as I unhooked it while still in the water and it quickly darted back off into the depths. I have to say that having fished Loganlea many times, the standard of the trout and their fighting qualities always impressed me and it was no different this time. I took another couple of fish on the same Skimpy lure with the luminous head and was quite impressed at how well this beaded lure was attracting the trout when at a depth of about 10-15 feet in the water.

I fished my last half hour up the other end of the water to get a change of scenery before packing up. There were quite a few anglers up this part and many were enjoying top of the water sport with catch’s on okey dokey’s and other buzzers mainly. This area is probably the only section where you can wade out more than a few yards and many fish had been caught here as well as the dam head. The North bank alongside the road can be fished the entire length down to the dam but watch out for the overhead cable as there are loads of broken casts and flies which can be seen dangling from it so take care when back casting. The far side of the water along the South bank is really only accessible by boat due to the steep hillside and for only £2.00 extra you can hire a boat for the day, great value again!

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