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Tweedale Millennium Trout Fishery, Haddington

A trip with two friends to the Tweedale Millennium Fishery in Haddington proved to be an enjoyable day with a number of catches and a good all round experience.

Hidden away on the outskirts of Haddington lies the Tweedale Millennium Trout Fishery, with three reservoir bowl pools; 2 for fly only fishing the the 3rd for bait and fly fishing. Stocked weekly with quality Rainbow, Blue, Brown and Tiger trout, the fishery offers anglers with a variety of ticket passes (2 to 8 hours) with fixed catch and kill limits. During your allocated time slot you can continue to catch and release, with trout ranging from 1lbs to large doubles. The current Scottish Rainbow Trout holder caught a 33lbs 80z fish.

Tweedale Millennium Fishery Bait Pool

Tweedale Millennium Fishery Bait Pool

I first visited the Millennium Trout Fishery in May, and was luck to catch on two further occasions in the bait pool. Using a floating rig setup with maggots and powerbait as bait during different occasions, a number of Rainbows around the 2.5lbs mark were pulled from the pool.

The beauty of the fishery is that it is completely away from main roads and cars are not allowed near the pools. A short walk is required from the car park to your chosen fishing spot, ensuring there is a constant quiet atmosphere. Staff on site are generally friendly and are more than happy to provide advice if you are new to the fishery. A number of large catches cover one of the walls inside the PortaKabin office and a regular flurry of anglers proceed to and from the office during busy days with their catches.

Fishing in the Tweedale Millennium Fishery Bait Pool

Fishing in the Tweedale Millennium Fishery Bait Pool

The site is generally clean and offers a few benches here and there if you want a seat during your fishing. The bait pool in particular has a few nature features to make fishing slightly challenging, including a weeded area and two islands in the centre. Take numerous layers of clothing as it can get cold as the wind hits the pools from the top down to the bait pool at the bottom.

Tweedale Millennium Fishery Catch

Tweedale Millennium Fishery Catch

Two friends and I visited the bait pools so I could teach them the basics as they are both novice fisherman and they both had a really good time with one catching on one occasion whilst the other practiced his skills and hopes to make his first catch soon.

Visit the fishery online at

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