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Wading for Trout Safely

Wading is something that most trout anglers will do at some point of their fishing career. While it is suggested by many to avoid wading if you can ever simply fish from the shore, it is something that is required in some areas. If you are heading into the water then keep these tips in mind, and you can ensure you stay safe while catching the most trout possible.

Safe Wading Tip #1- Strap on Soles

While some anglers opt for felt soles, you will be a lot safer in rocky waters if you strap on cleats and studs while wading in the water.

Safe Wading Tip #2- Three Legs are better than Two

A wading staff is an excellent way to stay stable and keep yourself safe in difficult wading conditions. It will allow you to keep two points of contact on the ground while you are walking and lifting your feet. The staff alone may make all the difference between staying dry and falling into the stream while walking towards an ideal fishing spot.

Safe Wading Tip #3- Belt it Up

Wading belts are absolutely mandatory when you are using waders while fishing. A belt can slow the flow of water into your waders and make getting out of the river far easier. If you happen to fall in then a belt can help you keep your legs and feet dry so you can continue the day comfortably and not have to head home early.

Safe Wading Tip #4- Keep it Slow

While it may seem rather obvious to keep it slow when wading, it is far more important than it seems at first. It is important to take the time out to evaluate conditions around you and get to know your location as much as possible before heading into the water. Over time you will get faster, but always remain more cautious when you are not on dry land.

Safe Wading Tip #5- Firm Up

A wide based stance is very important when you are on or near a slippery surface. You should always try to keep your feet shoulder-width apart, flex your knees and stand as firm as possible. The main reason that people fall while wading is that their foot slips out from under them. The wide and firm stance cuts down on this and allows you to keep your balance centered.

Safe Wading Tip #6- Move Smartly

Try to keep all of your movements either forward or sideways. These are the directions that will allow you to hold your balance best. Backing up can put you in a tough situation and hooking the heel is one of the most common causes of falls while wading.

Safe Wading Tip #7- Stick to Safe Bottoms

If you can stick to wading on gravel and sand then you will be quite safe. On the other hand, cobbles are quite hard to walk on and are really just a slippery trap waiting for someone to come along. While many anglers think that mud bottoms are also safe, they can be quite hazardous. If you are wearing felt soles then firm mud can be incredibly slippery while other mud can often lead to waders getting stuck.

Safe Wading Tip #8-Practice before Moving Up

It can be very tempting to try and get on top of some boulders to fish, but the difficulty often comes when trying to find your way back down. Make sure that you map out your route back down, and are comfortable with what you are doing before you hop on top of any boulders.

Safe Wading Tip #9-Map out an Escape

This should all happen before you even start fishing. Make sure you know your way out of the water and always ask yourself what you will do if you happen to fall, or if you should even be wading in that area.

Safe Wading Tip #10- Extra Safety Gear

There are also a number of extra precautions you can take when wading, such as a flotation device if you have difficulty swimming. Kapok-filled vests and inflatable suspenders are often a wise investment for anyone wading in big or cold waters and a whistle is one of the best tools to have should you encounter an emergency.

Wading can be an effective and fun way to get into some ideal trout fishing spots, but you have to recognize the dangers and take the necessary precautions. Keep these tips in mind and you should have a great day in the water.

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