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Conservation Award for Protecting Fish

The Environment Agency has recently won an award for helping protected fish. The award was given to them, against 11 competitors, at the Wild Trout Trust Conservation Awards Ceremony.

The project that won the award was built by the South Downs and Solent fisheries, using natural materials, to help provide habitat to many different species, including European eels, sea trout and lamprey. Other species have also found their home there, including otters.

A channel was created in the River Hamble, helping to improve the water quality and angling there. The project used a number of specialist techniques that had never been used before in this country, which is partly why this project was so impressive. The project was completed in February this year.

Area fisheries technical specialist from the Environment Agency, Adrian Fewings, spoke about the award, stating that the Agency were very proud. He added that the recognition helps to show they are taking ‘positive action’ towards conservation in the Hampshire area for future generations.

Fewings stated that many rivers in the past have been modified, at the expense of the quality of environment, but that the Environment Agency is working hard to tackle these problems.

In the case of the River Hamble, it was a mill that caused the obstruction. However, since many mills are now inactive, the flow of water can be diverted to help migrating fish in the river.

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