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Excitement at the Ravensthorpe Reservoir and Autumn Open

The Ravensthorpe Reservoir has been seeing some lively action this year, as trout anglers have been sporting a rod average of over five. The fish have been happily feeding even in the worst of conditions, as this past weekend 22 anglers combined to catch 89 fish altogether. These kinds of results are not that common in the area and have local fishers excited and flocking to the area.

The lures that have been working the best have been Green Fitz and stripped fry patterns right along the Ravensthorpe shore. However, the trout in the area have not been particularly picky and are willing to engage in anything that looks natural and drifts their way in the right direction.

Anyone looking to get in on the action should take note that boat and lure fishing will continue in the area for fish that are over 18cm’s until November 22nd.

On another note, local Coventry fisher Ray Cramp has won the Autumn Open thanks to his efforts bringing in 12 fish in the Packington Somers’ trout lake. He mainly used a floating line with Cat’s Whiskers and that seemed to really get the trout biting. Craig Smith brought in the best fish of the week with his catch of a 14lb. rainbow trout. If that is a sign of things to come in the following weeks, then we are in for some exciting winter league fishing to say the least.

In terms of winter leagues, the first round of the Tunnel Barn Farm’s Winter League was held and attracted 84 top trout anglers. There will be a number of other events that will coincide with it in the following weeks and months so stay tuned.

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