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New Brown Trout Fishery to Help Encourage Tourists

A couple from Maud have recently spoken of their plans to open a brown trout fishery in Buchan.

The couple, Tim and Angela Mason, want to develop business and help give a boost to the local tourist trade.

A 21,500 square foot pond will be stocked with brown trout by the beginning of 2010. There will also be a smaller bait pond designed for children and less-experienced anglers, as well as a visitors’ centre.

The Masons have lived at their farm since 1982, and the pond has not been used for several years.

Mr Mason claims that the aim is to attract families throughout Scotland.

However, their choice in brown trout is especially down to the fact that not many other fisheries in Scotland specialise in the species. They are more difficult to catch than other kinds of trout, which will help to attract a larger group of experienced anglers to the site.

However, the site will provide something for everyone, and all members of the family can get involved at the smaller bait pond and lodge.

As the first fish are planned to be stocked in the new year, the centre should be running in time for Easter. Once opened, two extra part time jobs will be available at the fishery.

The business plan and application for planning consent is currently being considered by the local council, who will make a decision over the next few months.

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