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Protests Over Fish Deaths

Hundreds of fish have been killed after a dam along The Cut, in Inverclyde, was drained, leading to anglers protesting over the results.

The Inverclyde Council has been criticised by local fishermen who regularly use the reservoirs. The dam was left with no water, and many trout were seen dead on the ground.

A local fisherman said that they had heard the dams would be lowered to perform maintenance. However, one reservoir was completely drained, and another looks as if it may be as well. The fisherman added ‘I think a large amount of fish have been killed – I would say several hundred’.

Another possible unwanted effect of the work could be that predatory fish, such as Pike, would be washed downstream.

A local MSP has also been contacted about the event.

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil stated that there has been a ‘lack of communication’. McNeil understands the local fishermen’s concerns, and calls for Inverclyde Council to provide assurance that everything is being done to reduce any long-term damage.

The council themselves stated that the work was vital, and that local anglers had been consulted before it started.

The work was designed to restore working mechanisms of the reservoirs, and that it was necessary to reduce the water levels to help loosen valve mechanisms.

Local fishermen are understandably concerned by the reservoir being emptied completely, though the Council say they are working with them to help the situation.

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