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Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Line

Recently, non-stretch braided lines have taken the fishing market by storm, but it seemed that fly anglers had been left out of all the hoopla. That was, until AirFlo created the Sixth Sense Fly fishing line. This range of fly fishing lines is one of the first, and most advanced, on the market to incorporate a braided super line feel that allows anglers to work with incredibly low stretch.

What makes this low stretch such a valuable commodity in fly fishing line?

As any expert will tell you, the less stretch there is in the line the less energy is wasted during your cast. Thus, this AirFlo Fly line allows you to get the most out of your cast with the least amount of effort. While normal fly fishing lines contain next to no memory and have stretch measured by at least 20%, these brand new lines produce as little as 6% stretch on any given cast.

And that isn’t all.

Not only has AirFlo designed this line to improve your cast, but it also makes it infinitely easier to detect bites and nibbles and makes it far easier for you to penetrate your catch with your hook. Even at the farthest ranges you will be able to feel the fish attacking your line and have the tightness to hook on and not let that sly, monster trout slip away.

If you love fishing for trout in stillwater, then this is the line that you need to have wrapped around your reel. Tie it on and feel the difference today, with AirFlo Sixth Sense Fly Fishing Line.

Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Line – £34.99

With less than 6% stretch, this line is fantastic for serious anglers wanting the best tackle for their fishing trips.

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