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Dr. Slick Nipper and Zinger Combo

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only angler who has been in a situation where we’ve raided our tackle box and pockets to find a pair of misplaced scissors. Having things to hand when angling makes your life easier and your angling experience seamless, and that’s why I love this combination of nippers with a pin badge zinger from Dr. Slick.

Nippers are a fairly new love for me, having only made their place on my fishing jacket when I took up trout fly fishing. Their ease of use, pocket size and razor sharp teeth make them an essential piece of kit. Clip a reliable zinger, hook it onto your clothing and you’ve instantly got quick and easy access to a cutting tool without thinking where you might have left it when you last used it.

Made from high grade stainless steel, these nippers are always to hand with a handy hook file on reverse. Measing 2″ in length with a satin finish and offset cutter, these come in highly recommended at a bargain price of £12.97 (RRP £16.00)

Dr. Slick Nippers & Zinger Combo – £12.97

Have a reliable cutting tool to hand with this fantastic nipper and zinger combo from Dr.Slick.

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