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WaveHopper Inflatable Fly Vest Life Jacket

While fun and excitement is the name of the game when it comes to trout fishing, you need to ensure that you put safety at the forefront whenever you are near the water. However you still want to look good, have the right tools on hand, and enjoy yourself on the water, so life jackets are not always a great option. That is where the WaveHopper Inflatable Fly Vest Life Jacket comes into play.

This unique, affordable and reliable Fly Vest Life Jacket is designed to provide the most buoyancy and keep you safe while providing all the usefulness of an ordinary lifejacket. What that means is that you can safely wade in large rivers or feel free to board your boat and take it out into the deep waters of the lake. Considering the price, you will be hard pressed to find any other fly vest that offers so much functionality while keeping you safe all in one go.

You will receive the ultimate peace of mind, even on the choppiest waters, thanks to the automatic inflation of the WaveHopper and the backup manual inflation. The vest itself has been designed, experimented on, and tested vigorously for years to ensure that the instances of drowned anglers slow down considerably. While this vest serves as a safety measure, possibly the best part of all is that no one while even know you are wearing a life jacket until it inflates. It looks exactly like any other fly vest, comes with all of the accessories and functions, yet has the ability to save lives when things take a turn for the worse.

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Next time you are out on the water, do not take any chances. Take advantage of this affordable combination of an affordable lifejacket and fly vest and feel safe on the water while you haul on the trophy trout you are after.

WaveHopper Life Jacket – From £14.99

The new Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket is a superbly designed practical buoyancy device priced within reach of every angler.

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