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Grilled Rainbow Trout with Lemon and Parsley

A simple yet delicious recipe for grilling trout and serving with a varieting of accompaniments.

After a successful day fishing at the Tweedale Millennium Trout Fishery, I had some freshly caught trout to cook, which I prefer to do in a healthy, light manner. I am not a fan of rich sauces, thick pastes or such; I like fish to be prepared, dressed and cooked in a simple way, yet remain delicious.

To cook the trout like I did you’ll need the following ingredients…

  • One lemon
  • 4 medium knobs of butter per trout
  • Fresh parsley
  • Olive oil
  • Accompaniment e.g. flavoured rice.

The first step was to gut and wash the trout, which I do by removing the head, intestines/guts and then place in salty water for a short while before rinsing clean.

Trout Before Being Cut Open.

Trout Before Being Cut Open.

Cleaned and Gutted Trout Ready to be Dressed.

Cleaned and Gutted Trout Ready to be Dressed.

With two beautiful pink trout ready to be cooked, I then lightly dress them with some olive oil, knobs of butter, fresh parsley and lemon slices (squeeze a little out on to the trout and then place the discs on top).

Dressed Trout Before Being Grilled

Dressed Trout Before Being Grilled

After cooking under the grill for 15-20 minutes I check that the fish is cooked by sampling a piece from the middle. Upon ensuring it is ready I served it a number of options, including flavoured rice, salad and potato wedges.

A really simply yet delicious dish. Thumbs up!

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Looks delicious… need to give it a go myself.

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