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An Introduction to Brook Trout Fishing Techniques

Brook trout are moody and very easily spooked which makes them one of the most challenging fish to catch. The anglers that have the most success with brook trout are the ones who are persistent and patient, and they are rewarded with beautiful and delicious fish.

What you need to Catch Brook Trout

In most cases brook trout are caught using the methods of still fishing or spin casting. 6 pound test line, a spinning reel and a very light and flexible rod are the ideal tools to bring to the water. In terms of choice of lure, your best bet is to bring a variety of 1 to 2 inch long artificial lures that are either silver or gold in color. Large presentations such as a group of worms or big plugs can scare off brook trout in a heartbeat and thus should be avoided at all times. Live worms can work just be sure to use a single worm and not a group.

Where you need to go to Catch Brook Trout

In lakes, brook trout are usually caught in water that ranges from 10 to 30 feet in depth and can be found in sheltered bays or near the shore where trees and sunken boulders provide a nice place to hide. The key for anglers is to approach these areas as quietly as possible and sit and wait before fishing. After a few moments have passed then you can begin casting quietly and hope that the brook trout have not been spooked.

How to Catch Brook Trout

One of the best methods you can try to catch brook trout with is the shore cast. Cast towards the shore and then slowly retrieve the lure allowing it to sink a little bit now and then before reeling it all the way in. If you are using a worm then you can use brief moments of still fishing and also a bit of gentle jigging.

When to Catch Brook Trout

Brook trout are only active for a few, brief moments throughout each day. In fact, it is not uncommon for all of the action to happen in a one hour period, which is why persistence is so important.

While many experts note that brook trout are very active during fly hatches, it is quite difficult to predict when this will happen, and that is why it is often better just to stick to spinning in covered areas.

Catching brook trout is a truly thrilling experience and a unique one at that. Brook trout are always an exciting battle and make for an incredibly delicious meal, if you are lucky enough to catch one. Keep this information in mind, be patient, and stick with it, and you should have a brook trout on your line in no time.

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