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Extra Simple Fly Fishing Tips that Make all the Difference

When using the proper techniques and methods, there is often nothing more exciting than fly fishing. On some days it may even seem that everything is working. Just about every fly placed in just about every spot will get you bites and have you filling up your icebox. Then there are the other days. Those days when you think you are sending out the perfect cast with the perfect bait, and it just isn’t working. What could possibly be going wrong?

You may think that you mastered your fly fishing cast, you may think you have selected the perfect fly, and you may think there is no aspect that you have overlooked. However, there is always something to learn when it comes to fly fishing no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. Aside from all the fly fishing for trout tips and techniques you have mastered, there may just be one or two things that are going slightly wrong that can ruin your day. Have a look at these easy, extra, fly fishing tips that can make all the difference, and change your luck within minutes.

Simple Fly Fishing Tip #1- Be Gentle

A common mistake for fly fishers is that they try to over exert themselves when casting in order to get their fly deeper or into the right pool of water. Getting your fly deep in the water isn’t going to do much good unless you are gentle. Ease into the cast and let your fly “fly” onto the water, and your catch rate will increase.

Simply Fly Fishing Tip #2- Do Not Reach Ahead

Another problem for trout anglers is that they often reach too far ahead when casting. While this can help to get the fly further out into the water, it can often cause the bait to sink. A sunken fly is about as useful as tying on an “eat me” sign onto the end of your hook.

Simple Fly Fishing Tip #3-Flip your Fly

Making sure that your fly flips over as it skims the surface of the water can have a huge impact on how many trout you hook into on any given day. If you can flip a fly onto the water with as little noise or commotion as possible, then the trout are going to become a lot more active.

Simple Fly Fishing Tip #4- Use Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a piece of fly fishing equipment that a lot of anglers overlook. Having a pair of these on can allow you to see under the water and keep an eye on the movement and action of trout in the water. This will have you poised and ready when they strike, or help you understand why they are not biting.

Simple Fly Fishing Tip #5- Balance the Weight of Fly and Line

It is incredibly important to make sure that your line has more weight than your fly. The fly should be virtually weightless so that the line can pull the fly while you cast, and not the other way around. This way, the line will ensure the fly gently skims the water and lands just right.

Simple Fly Fishing Tip #6-Control Slack

With other trout fishing techniques it is important to always keep your line tight. This is not the case with fly fishing. You need to practice and be able to control your slack with both hands at all times. The slack will allow you to pull it up, but too much and your line may get tangled. It is all about finding that perfect balance. Of course, letting your line go too loose and you will have no idea when a trout strikes your line.

While these simple, fly fishing techniques are not going to immediately turn you into a professional, they are an excellent building block. Create a checklist in your head when fishing for trout and make sure you are doing all of these things. If just one aspect is off, trout may simply swim away. Stay focused, stay at it, and good things are going to happen.

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