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Daiwl Bach – The Little Devil

The ‘Little Devil’ is one of many effective all year round nymphs. Its translation to Welsh is the Daiwl Bach, familiar to all but a few fly fishermen and a fly that should be in everyone’s fly box. I have loads of them, various colours and sizes, and often throw out an attractive looking pattern of daiwl bach nymphs. My favourite is a red daiwl back, suitable I think for a little devil fly and it has a very aesthetically pleasing look about it in the water.

When putting together a cast of these nymphs I usually like to place a heavier fly on the point, sometimes a small gold head lure or similar in order to take the line down a little, and more importantly to keep the line dead straight in the water. If any nymph pattern isn’t presented well the chances of success are massively reduced, even more so on the still waters that I predominantly fish and where there is sometimes very little or no drift to keep your line out straight. I would then have a daiwl bach or 2 on the droppers and fish back on a slowish retrieve. This heavier point fly can even sometimes work as a good attraction for the trout bringing them in for a look before they notice the more natural imitations and go for a take.

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A heavier point fly is also a useful tool in getting your cast out without a tangle. Daiwl Bach’s are small and lightweight, and if the conditions are a little breezy I find that a heavier point fly will prevent you becoming tangled up mid cast and will land the pattern on the water much more effectively without having to correct your line much.

A good daiwl bach should be quite skinny I think with very neatly tied ribs and a small head and hackle, and there are some great variants to the original available to try. The Flashback is one I have tried on a few occasions, with a flash strip down the side, and it can be useful when the waters a little dark and peaty looking, and in a similar vein there is the Sparkler Daiwl Bach, which has sparkly thread for the body and gives better visibility.

Daiwl Bachs Flies

Daiwl Bachs Flies

Without a doubt I have always seemed to have best results with the Daiwl Bach while fishing from a boat on reservoirs mainly. I have a great deal of confidence in throwing out a cast on my local reservoirs using a floating line with a sinking tippet, and always keep an eye out for the wind lanes forming on the water. A dead slow or almost no retrieve straight along these wind lanes can be very fruitful. The feed in the water is usually concentrated right in the wind lanes so once you find the depth of the fish, trying various lengths of leader and types of line, it should hopefully give plenty success and a good day of sport.

I call the Daiwl Bach a nymph imitation but without a doubt it can also resemble a buzzer or an emerger and other small insects that feature on the diet of a trout. Its versatility is the best thing about it, when it can be fished on calm and choppy waters with success, deep in the water or up top with success, and it always seems to feature on fishery reports and daily catch records in many places I visit.

Fulling Mill Diawl Bach Nympths Selection – £7.95

Patterns include one each of:

– 3D Green Diawl Bach
– 3D Red Diawl Bach
– 3D Red Diawl Bach
– Original Natural Diawl Bach
– Original Natural Diawl Bach
– Terry’s Holo Gold Diawl Bach
– Terry’s Holo Green Diawl Bach
– Terry’s Holo Red Diawl Bach
– Terry’s Holo Red Diawl Bach

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