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Fool a Fish with a Fry Fly

As the trout season draws to a close, the chances of hooking a strong, mature fighter lures anglers back to the water for one last stab at success. With the dark days looming over, the weather turning and the water cooling, fish at the peak of physical condition lie in wait for a wholesome feed. So, how do you go about cathing these monsters?

It’s fry feeding time when the cautious and wary trout leave the depths of reservoir dens in search of a protein packed meal. Congregating in margins, usually underwater obstructions, the hungry trout pray on new spawned fry in the hope of packing on weight before scavenging for food becomes a last resort.

To be consistantly successful not only for you need to imiate the water life, you need to ensure your tackle is substantial enough to lure and hold onto a grown reservoir resident. These relentless fish are strong and simply wont’ give in. Their wary yet fast approach makes luring them even harder, so expect to walk away from the water with nothing, but if you land a catch then it’ll be even more special.

Larger flies are recommended to ensure the fish are aware of an offer that they cannot resist. At this time of year the trout want to eat big meals in one go and conserve their fat reserves for the harsh winter ahead. Using a slow figure of eight retrieve with sharp pulls, you can imitate an injured fish as it struggles close to the surface. Large trout don’t want to expend energy chasing fry, they would much rather pick off an injured or unsuspecting one – less work for the same amount of food.

Remember that simply casting an imitation fry into open water won’t do the trick. Look for weedbeds, marker buoys or other areas with cover; fry often group in these areas for safety. And if you’re luck enough to spot jumping fry then it is a sign something is chasing them. Try to match the hatch and ensure your pattent is as accurate as it can be in terms of colour, sign and shape.

Fulling Mill Glass Minnows Selection – £10.95

Extremely realistic fry imitations that can be used on both rivers and stillwaters.

Patterns include:

– Brownie Par Glass Minnow ( x2 )
– Perch Fry Glass Minnow ( x2 )
– Rainbow Par Glass Minnow ( x2 )
– Roach Fry Glass Minnow ( x2 )

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