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Greys GRXi + Rod, Reel and Line Kit

2 seasons ago my rod and reel was becoming a bit shabby and had been well used so I decided to shop around for a new bit of kit and seen some great value offers on the Greys GRXi series rods. An angling buddy of mine also used this kit so after a few practice sessions on his I decided to go for it. I ended up with a lot more for my money than I initially realized I would be getting as 3 days after ordering my rod and reel combo, my package arrived.

Along with the 10 foot #7/8 Rod and Matching GRXi Reel with spare spools, I received 3nr sets of line (floating, intermediate & sinking), free backing line, braided loops and a fly box with a small selection of flies. The rod also comes in a sturdy Greys rod tube and the reel has its own pouch. What a score and all for less than £150!

I was looking forward to getting out on a water to give my new kit a go and during the first hour or so on the water I noticed a marked difference in my casting distance. It felt a powerful rod from the start and after becoming more familiar with it I was managing to cast out my entire line down into the backing, with the rod doing most of the work as long as I could keep my cast in the air.


The rod had a sturdy feel to it with most of the action in the top third of the rig which was obviously helping me shoot the entire cast out and more. Sometimes I was managing to throw the lot out in 2 or 3 back casts when the side wind wasn’t gusting too hard across me. This set up is well suited for firing out a shooting head weight forward line if you are looking for distance. With regards to short casting and nimble fingered presentation along the banks and beneath the shade of trees this was a little more difficult but I managed to improve this over time as I got used to the action of the rod.

The fighting butt, full wells handle is very smooth top quality cork and over the 2 seasons I’ve been using it I have hardly noticed much wear or change in its appearance, and it hasn’t become distorted from water retention as I had noticed with some of my handles in the past.

It was definitely a bit of hard work maintaining the casts with this rod especially on a long day’s fishing but I’m still young and could just about handle it. The shoulder was a little sore though. It wouldn’t be a rod I would use in my later years as I get on a bit as I am sure it would take its toll on my shoulders and back. It is ideal though for the type of fishing I do, bank fishing on small waters and larger reservoirs, and is a big hitting rod for the money it costs. In addition it has been a great help in improving my distance and catch rate when trying to punch a cast out into the oncoming wind, a technique I like to practice quite often.



The icing on the cake in this little package deal is that all Greys & Hardy’s rods, as far as I’m aware come with an unconditional warranty good for the lifetime of the original owner. I received one with my rod and duly registered it straight away upon purchase. The website notes that a charge of £15 is made for each claim to cover processing and postage charges. This is in addition to statutory rights and covers faults or damage from any cause. Not too many complaints about that and it clearly shows the confidence the makers have in their equipment and a confidence that should be passed down to the user.

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