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Tying a Constriction Knot

A strong, reliable knot, the Constriction Knot is a simple yet effective way of tying backling line to leader.

Attaching most backling lines to tippet can be challenging, especially when you want to achieve a super-tight knot. The constriction knot achieves just that, and can be used with nylon monofilament, dacron, braided terylene or twister nylong (but not hollow braided line or multistrand lines).

The constriction knot is a simple method of attaching most backing lines and the instructions below explain how to tie it…

Constriction Knot Step 1 - Overlap both lines by 12 inches or so.

Constriction Knot Step 1

Overlap both lines by 12 inches or so.

Constriction Knot Step 2

Constriction Knot Step 2

Fold the backing line over itself to form a loop.

Constriction Knot Step 3

Constriction Knot Step 3

Bring the end of the backingĀ  through the loop 6 times or so. Draw the turns together whilst sliding the knot towards the tip of the leader. When the turns are touching, pull slowly at both ends until the knot forms a tight grip.

Constriction Knot Step 4

Constriction Knot Step 4

When satisfied, clip any remaining ends as close to the knot as possible.

Constriction Knot Step 5

Constriction Knot Step 5

And you’re done!

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