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Using Egg Fly Patterns To Attract Curious Trout

Egg patterns may be unattractive to you and me, but they are responsible for catching a dizzying number of trout all around the UK, and the world.

While egg patterns always get a lot of attention, they are the best source of food that a growing trout can come across and are tempting even for the laziest, or fullest of fish. In fact, one egg can equal the protein of a few dozen midges which makes them an imprinted desire for fish all over the world, especially during the harsh winter months.

Aside from being a substantial source of protein, eggs are appealing for trout because they stand out in streambeds thanks to their shapes and bright colors. In almost the same way that anglers are drawn towards beer, trout are drawn to the shape and color of eggs even when they are not necessarily hungry or looking for food.

While you may be able to experiment with something you are curious about by picking it up with your hands, trout do not have that luxury. When they are curious, they pop whatever it is into their mouth and swish it around. Even if you drop an egg pattern somewhere that it has no right being, trout may be curious enough to pop it into their mouth long enough to allow you to set the hook.

Sounds easy enough, right?

There is a little bit more to it, but the groundwork has already been laid out for you thanks to the genetic makeup of the trout you are after.

Fishing the Bottom with Eggs

The bottom of the water needs to be your best friend when using egg patterns and you are going to have to use a natural dead-drift to attract fish so lighter tippets and split shots are crucial pieces of equipment. In the end, this means you are going to probably lose a lot of flies so be sure to bring a whole bunch with you if you plan on utilizing this tactic.

With that said, here is a look at some options to use in order to ensure that you have the best egg patterns in your kit at all times.

Sucker Spawn Egg Pattern

There are a few debates out there about whether or not sucker eggs actually clump together or not, but the fact remains that brown trout simple love to gobble them up. If you are fishing in high water that is off color then you can create a very large profile with a clump of bright Sucker Spawn eggs. Fish them with confidence and wait for curious fish to come strolling by.

Dubbed Egg Patterns

If you want to work with small hooks then this simple pattern may be your best bet. Often times egg patterns turn out to be too large to mimic trout eggs, which is why this dubbed pattern is so realistic. You want to make a round profile by moving the dubbed thread in an X shape repeatedly around the center of the hook. Dribble on some glue before you complete the final wrap to ensure that the whole thing does not unravel in the water.

Easy Glo-Bug Egg Tool

Glo-Bugs that are traditional tend to use yarn on the top and bottom in order to create a round profile, but they are often hindered by dense packed in fibers. The look is attractive for trout, but the yarn slows down its ability to sink and does not look natural in the water.

That is why many professional anglers prefer flies that only have material on the top of the hook. You can create this look on your own by using one strand of egg-yarn near the top of the hook shank or even by creating a dispenser using a drinking straw. The dispenser makes for less waste and makes the whole process a lot easier. You can even purchase one if you don’t trust the homemade version.

While it seems that egg patterns get all the attention when trying to catch Salmon or even Steelheads, there is a lot to be said for their success in attracting trout. As mentioned before, it isn’t always about attracting hungry trout with delicious bait but sometimes it is just about reeling them in with curiosity. If your line is tight enough to feel a curious nibble, then egg patterns may be one of your secret weapons on a day where it seems conventional flies are simply not working.

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