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Tight Lines for Landing Trout

Whether you have been fishing for decades, years or even days, you have probably heard the term “tight lines”. Well people do not just use the phrase because they are bored. The simple fact of the matter is that loose lines are the single best way to lose fish.

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Anglers giving up their lease along ‘the cradle of fly fishing’

Anglers have recently been giving up their leases to fish for trout and salmon across the stretch of the River Itchen known as ‘the cradle of fly fishing’.

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Finding the Perfect Fishing Depth

Tired of fishing for hours and not even attracting the smallest nibble? Your problem could very well be attributed to the depth you are fishing at, especially when it comes to trout.

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Stalking Big Trout in Autumn

Wild and free, large brown trout are elusive creatures capable of detecting minute changes in their surroundings. Stalking them is difficult, especially as the season comes to a close.

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Two Simple Trout Spinning Rigs

This introduction to trout spinning shows you two simple trout fishing setups that are effective and used by both novice and experienced anglers.

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New Measures to Help Save Seabirds

New measures are being discussed to help protect some of the most important seabirds in Europe.

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How to Tie a Fishing Hook Knot

You’re reeling in a fighter, he’s only a few metres away and bang…he slips off your line? Why? A few reasons spring to mind, and one that never fails is the fact you tied the line to your hook with a simple double knot. In short, that simply won’t do.

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Trolling for Troublesome Trout

Drew provides simple yet effective tips on trolling for trout that are essential in maximising your catches.

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Essential Tips for using Spinners

Drew provides an insight and useful tips into using spinners to catch elusive trout.

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Night Fishing Safety

Resident writer Drew Clement explores safety aboard a night fishing boat.

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