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Swanswater Fishery, Stirling

Our resident writer James McAllister visits Swanswater Fishery in Stirling, Scotland and manages to land a lucky blue.

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Silence is Golden…and Catches More Fish!

Does being quiet really help when fishing? Can being noisy leave your lines untouched? Apparently so, take note young fisherman…

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The Damsel Nymph – A Sure Winner

The damsel nymph is a popular fly amongst anglers, but what makes it so special? An explanation into the life of the natural fly and the year-round use of it when fly fishing provides a good insight.

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Does Powerbait Really Have The “Power”?

Sitting in clear tubs lies a vibrant dough type mixture with glitter that promises the Earth when it comes to fishing for trout. But does Berkley Powerbait really have the power it so eagerly promotes? I put it to the test on two occassions with mixed results.

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Top Trout Lures

Spinning using lures as an artifical bait can be a deadly method of catching wild or stocked trout. Here we’ve picked 3 top lures, as recommended by fellow anglers, to ensure your fishing is more effective.

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5 Baits Trout Cannot Resist

With advances in technology, angling research and gold old fashioned wives tales, there are now many forms of bait that you can use when fishing trout. Whether it is artificial or real, dead or alive, the next time you head to the trout hole, consider these five baits. Trout find them irresistible, so anglers should too.

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The Different Types of Trout

Trout come in many species and this brief introduction attempts to highlight the main ones fished in the UK.

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Tick Tock – What is the Best Time to go Trout Fishing?

No matter what time you turn up to your favourite fishing spot shared by others, there will most definately always be someone who has arrived before you and someone leaving after you. So what is the best time to go fishing? Well, that depends – who do you listen to?

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Fly Fishing Lines Explained

With the option of a floating line, sink-tip line, intermediate sinking line, sinking fly line or fast-sinking fly line…what do you chose?

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Targeting Trout in Autumn

As the fishing season comes to an end, changing your tactics to stalk large trout in the Autumn can be a wise move.

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