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An Introduction to Using a Mini Jig

Considering how effective mini jigs are when fishing for trout, they are far less popular than they should be. Essentially, mini jigs are small plastic bodies that are fished on extremely light jig heads. These incredibly light heads have been credited for a number of trophy trout catches and work wonders in places such as mountain lakes, beaver ponds and spring creeks.

While the tactic of fishing with mini jigs is nothing new, there have been a number of recent advances and creative products that have come out to make these little lures better than they have ever been. There are hot, new colors and different designs that trout are finding harder and harder to resist, even when they are in the worst of moods.

On bright and sunny days, rainbow mini-jigs perform very well while motor oil colored jigs are very efficient when you are searching for trout that are hiding out in the deep water. When you are fishing in urban lakes, then you can use a variety of sizes and colors but many anglers swear by the color yellow in these areas.

While your reel and rod as well as lure selection is always important when fishing for trout, it is especially important when it comes to working with mini jigs.

In most cases, 2 pound test line will be more than enough when using mini jigs in local lakes or near mountains. If you are after bigger fish and using the jig in a fast moving river then feel free to move onto 4 pound test line.

You can use mini jigs by casting them into the water and allowing them to lift and fall while you are reeling it in. Trout are more likely to strike the jig as it is falling so this is the time when you should be ready and waiting for vibrations and movement on the line. Set the hook as quickly as you can if the line moves quickly to the side.

When your mini jig hits the bottom you should start slowly reeling it in and then pause every few seconds to allow the jig to fall.

Mini jigs should really not be as neglected as they are when it comes to trout fishing. They are an affordable and efficient tool that beginner and expert anglers can use alike. Have a try, work out a proper retrieval rate and get ready to hook into some fight filled trout.

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