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Using Worms To Catch a Hungry Trout

Drew takes us back to basics and explains his top tips on catching trout using worms; an old classic bait that is still well respected today.

When it comes to trout fishing there is so much focus on the newest technology, the hottest reels, the most powerful lures and a whole host of other tips, yet sometimes going back to the basics can bring you a lot of success. Using live worms, like you probably always did as a child, is an incredibly effective and exciting way to fill your ice box with quality trout.

In general there are three different trout habitats that will affect the way that you want to use live worms to attract trout: Small streams, rivers and still water such as ponds and lakes.

Let’s quickly go over certain situations you will come across in these 3 different habitats and how you can use worms in these areas.

Using Worms in Small Streams

Small streams are where you will have the best chances to hook into some exciting Brook trout, while there are often rainbow and brown trout lurking around as well. One of the keys for success in small streams is to be as cautious and sneaky as possible. Trout have a keen sense of vibrations in the water when people are walking around and can see your shadow if you let it cover the water.
The best news is that all you need to hook into these trout is a hook and a worm. Stay as far back from the water as possible and slowly and gently drop your line into the water. There is no need to reel or even cast, just a simple drop and life motion will do the track. Allow the current to sweep the worm to an undercut or a small pool and simply wait for a hungry trout to take the bait and try to run away with your line.

Be sure to fish upstream and allow your worm to approach the trout from behind as they are usually facing upstream while they wait for food to pass by.

Using Worms in Rivers

Rivers are the perfect spot to float worms to attract trout. Use a spinning rod and a hook that is sized appropriately for the type of trout you are seeking. You will find that in most cases a #6 hook that is pre-snelled and a swivel will work wonders. Since you are going to be “floating” a worm you do not want to be attaching any extra weight to your line at all.

Once your line is set up, add a half of a worm to your hook, cast upstream and reel in as much slack in your line as you possible can. Once the worm is in the water be sure to keep your rod pointing upwards so that you can feel the vibrations when a trout hits and then allow the worm to float downstream until it gets close to the bank. At this point, reel it in and then repeat the entire process.
You may choose to add a small weight to the line in order to cast out further but be weary that this will force your worm to sit closer to the bottom and cause you to lose quite a few more hooks in the process.

Using Worms in Still Water

In most instances you can fish inlets of still water much the same way as you can float worms in rivers. Cast your worm out into the water and keep your rod tip pointing high until your worm and line stops moving, and then repeat the process.

If you want to spice things up a bit then consider using this marshmallow technique. Get a bag of mini-mallows and a larger than usual hook, such as a #4. Hook the marshmallow and push it all the way up onto the hook so that it is covering the area where the hook is tied onto the line. After doing this add the worm to the hook and attach a weight onto the line about 12 inches above the hook.

This technique works as the marshmallow will float while the weight runs along the bottom of the water. Essentially, this places the worm in the best possible spot as the fish can easily find it.

In the end, no matter where you are or what sort of trout you are looking to hook into, worms are one of the best tools you can use. So get out there and make your inner child, and your trophy case, proud.

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