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Essential Tips for using Spinners

Drew provides an insight and useful tips into using spinners to catch elusive trout.

There are many veteran fishermen that argue that spinning for trout is the best way to hook into that pristine trout you have been dreaming of. Whether spinning is actually better than fly fishing or trolling is a debate we will save for another day. The fact is that spinning for trout is a great way to spend a day out on the lake, but to ensure you have the best chances of bringing home a catch there are some tips you are going to need to know and understand. Here are a few essential tips and suggestions to help you get started and give you a leg up on the monster trout that lurk below.

When you are spin fishing for trout the general idea is that you have to get the lure or bait to the spot where the fish are. Your best bet is to head for cool water, so find deep, covered areas on warm days as trout love to hide from warm water.

Trout are known as some of the most efficient fish that are out there.  They try to use as little energy as possible when feeding and let the current bring them the food rather than swimming after their meals. This makes it even more important to ensure you get your spinner as close as possible to them. The best way to do this is to run your spinner right along with current, which allows you to get your lure deeper and closer to the trout.

One of the keys when working with the current is that you will need a decent reel. A proper reel can give you the ability to alternate the speed at which you retrieve the spinner. This will keep you off the rocks and let you match the depth of different holes.

The best way to work a hole is to aim your lure through a number of different channels where the trout tend to feed. These are the areas where the current will run beside a bank or around or through rocks or other debris in the water. This is where the trout are. If you can keep your spinner right on the edge of these areas it will allow the trout to jump onto your hook without expending much energy.

One tip when spinning for trout that many people ignore is to start reeling right when your spinner hits the water. If you wait and allow the spinner to sink you will easily end up amidst the rocks and weeds and miss out on the action your spinner needs to attract the fish.

One last trout snatching tip is to locate those long holes that rest against the banks when fishing through streams or rivers. Find the spots with overhanging trees and branches and run your spinner along with the current. That is precisely where the lunker trout are sitting patiently waiting for food to drift past. Present the food in the right spot and you will have more than a few memorable stories to bring home after your trip.

The great news is that actually running your spinner along with the current is a lot easier than it sounds. In fact, given a bit of practice and time this is a technique that even the most inexperienced fishers can master. All those stories you hear of people hooking into monstrous trout can actually happen to you, as long as you prepare yourself, learn how to work the current and have a little patience.

The fish are out there and they are hungry. Now it is up to you to go and find them. Check out our Top Trout Lures for some recommendations.

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