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Late Season Tips

Humans, by nature, are a lot like other animals in the world. We tend to shut ourselves down when the weather starts to get cooler, even if it is subconsciously, and assume that a lot of the things we enjoy doing in other times of the year are off limits.

Truth be told that is not the case, especially when it comes to trout fishing. When the weather begins to turn it seems that trout are eager to stock up on as much food as they can. While some anglers shy away from late season trout fishing, others will tell you that it is their most productive time of the year.

All you need to do is be patient, but that is an attribute you already possess isn’t it?

When other people begin to turn their attention to raking leaves or hunting animals in the wood I urge you to stay focused on your favorite catch, trout. All you need to do is keep these tips for late season trout fishing in mind and the rewards are going to be well worth the time you have to put in. And the best part, you will notice, is that the rivers and lakes are far less crowded which means more time to relax and enjoy the serenity that trout fishing can offer.

Re-Spool your Line

A common mistake that many trout fishers make is forgetting to change their line. After tossing your bait into the water for 6 months or so and bringing in trout, your line is bound to be coiled and can fray quite easily. The last thing you want is to have your line break the moment a trophy trout grabs a hold of your line, and we all know that a tangled line can end a fishing trip pretty easily. So, when the late season comes around, switch over to a fresh line and you will be far more prepared for the trout that lurk below.

Love Live Bait

While spoons, spinners, and all sorts of lures may be your lucky charm throughout the summer, live bait should be your go-to-guy when it comes to late season trout fishing. The key here is presentation, and that is why you also need to fall in love with gang hooks. They will allow live bait, especially worms, to look as realistic as possible and tempt the trout into action.

Gazing at the Moon

Most anglers understand that the moon and it’s gravitational pull are what effects the tide coming in and out. However, it seems that not enough of us realize how much of an effect the moon has on the feeding habits of trout. Trout will behave far differently as the moon circles the earth and the weather changes, so understanding this phenomenon will almost instantly make you more adept at hooking into lunkers.

Warm Hands Means Longer Trips

Keeping your hands warm when fishing in the late season is one of the most important things you can do. There is not much worse than fishing for trout while your hands feel like icicles. Your reaction time will slow down, your mood will change, and you will probably end up cutting your day on the water short.

The problem is that you need your fingers to be free when fishing, so your best bet is to go with fingerless gloves. Keep them by your side and do not leave home without them when fishing for trout late in the season.

Fresh line, live bait, gang hooks, fingerless gloves, and paying attention to the moon are your keys to late season trout fishing success. Never stray too far from what works for you, but be ready to tweak things just a little bit as the weather shifts. While it may take time, you may get cold, and you may get frustrated, over time you will become one of many that brings home their largest trout ever after dipping their lines into autumn waters.

Good luck and happy late season fishing.

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