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Top Trout Lures

Spinning using lures as an artifical bait can be a deadly method of catching wild or stocked trout. Here we’ve picked 3 top lures, as recommended by fellow anglers, to ensure your fishing is more effective.

The great thing about spinning is that is does not generally require the use of ultra-fine tackle commonly used in fly fishing, because the constant movement of the lure means the fish don’t get the same opportunity to cautiously examine what is presented to them, they simply grab it or leave it. However, that doesn’t mean that you can throw any tackle together and successfully land yourself a willing trout; you still need to present to the fish something that it wants and mask the fact it is artificial.

Lures have advanced in technology over the past decade and today most tackle shops have a large variety of patterns, colours and sizes. Due to the method of fishing using this type of artifical bait – cast and retrieve or trolling – they can be frequently lost and it can become an expensive hobby.

With such an extensive range of available, how does one know which one to try? Well, like anything, sometimes trial and error works just fine, but that means buying and trying a variety before finding which works best. Therefore, here at we’ve picked 3 top lures that have been given great reviews…

1. Abu Toby – The Abu Toby range have a long history with trout anglers, and are available in a huge range of colours.  A simple combination of silver and blue has worked for ever, as has black and gold. These high quality lures are known to give a high rate of catches and are recommended by Ghillies all over the UK. The Toby is a narrow spoon-type bait that can be presented at both shallow and deep locations in the water. When retrieved, the Toby moves erratically along the surface and causes fish below to rise to the occasion. Alternatively, by dropping the rod tip and retrieving, the Toby mimics a bait fish that is unsure where to swim. By retrieving slowly, the lure drops even deeper and can be jigged up and down to result in a strike.

abu-garcia-toby-trout-lure Abu Garcia Toby Lure Assortment – Pack of 5 – £11.60

The Toby is still made from solid brass. This lure is famous for catching trout, salmon, bass and pike. This pack of 5 randomly assorted lures come in the following colours – copper, mackeral, orange/gold, silver, silver blue and zebra.

2. Rapala – Utilising balsa wood to create a banana-style lure with a deadly wobble, the Rapala lures are tried and tested winners with both trout and salmon. In addition to their attractive design, an internal rattle and field tested colours ensures trout jaws jerk at the sight of one of these bobbing along in the water.

rapala-tail-dancer-lure Rapala Tail Dancer – £6.84

This wobbly lure jerks and rattles to create an attractive and realist bait for hungry trout. Used for general casting and trolling, this lure won’t be in the water long before a trout has its jaws around it.

3. Storm – Built like brick sheds, these attractive baits are tough little cookies and superb for deep fishing. Their bold, thick bodies, combined with a metal lip, ensure an attractive wiggle in the water that captures the curiousity of a willing trout.

storm-hot-n-tot Storm Hot “n” Tot – £5.13

These tough little cookies wiggle through the water with a big metal lip and are capable of attracting trout in shallow and deep waters.

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