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Trolling for Troublesome Trout

Drew provides simple yet effective tips on trolling for trout that are essential in maximising your catches.

Trolling is one of the most popular and often most rewarding techniques used to fish for trout. It allows fishers to cover the largest amount of water in the shortest amount of time possible, thus increasing the likelihood that they will stumble upon hungry trout. Possibly the best part about trolling is that it allows the fishing experience to be as relaxing as possible. That is until the excitement of hooking into that dream fish overtakes your body, and the boat.

Trolling is one of the easiest techniques to learn when fishing for trout and it can be done by experts and beginners alike. However, that doesn’t mean the road to hooking prize trout is easy and it does take some time to start bagging trout like the masters. However, if executed properly a day spent trolling for trout can bring about results that many think is only possible by the professionals. And all you need is your rod and reel, a boat, a lure and a blade string, or your troll.

The reason that trolling is one of the most effective techniques for trout fishing is quite simple. It appeals to the number one instinct for all fish, and that is to find food. The vibrations of the troll send a signal to nearby fish that food is close. This vibration is what makes so many different lures successful when trolling for trout. However, many fishers feel that small plugs, small spoons, or worms are your best bet for attracting the beauties that lurk below.

If you are trolling for trout during the fall or spring then you are going to want to aim for your lure to troll at a depth between 15 and 50 feet, depending on how warm the weather is. The warmer it is the deeper down the trout are going to be lurking, and you definitely want to keep that in mind. There is no sense in spending hours trolling if you have your lure on the surface of the water on days where the fish are hanging out deep down below.

There are three more ideas or tips that you can utilize to maximize your success when trolling for trout. First off you want to makes sure that your bait is as easy as possible for the fish to catch. Trout do not want to exert energy when feeding so you have to give the food to them, they are not going to come looking for it.

The second suggestion is to always vary your speed when trolling. By varying your speed you can change the pattern of the vibrations which will attract trout even more. The change in speed will mimic the actions of natural prey and improve the chances of the fish mistaking your bait for a tasty meal.

Lastly, you can cover more ground and vary the action of your lure by trolling your boat along an S shaped pattern. Rather than running in a straight line you can attract more prey by emulating the motions of natural pretty much better, and cover more water with your lure.

As long as you are patient and persistent, trolling is one of the easiest and most effective methods of hooking into a number of trout. Patience really is a virtue when it comes to troll fishing. Get out there and enjoy the calm and peaceful feeling that is present on the water, and let the boat do most of the work for you.

Sit back, steer the boat, enjoy the view and keep your hand firmly on your rod. If you follow these tips and get out there, you are going to have lively trout on the end of your line more often than you thought possible.

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