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Using a Leader to Land a Monster Trout

The increase in fishing enthusiasts and competitions as the sport evolves means our catch are becoming more vary of what’s on offer. Using a spinning leader will help land a monster trout but ensure that you’ve taken the appropriate steps to secure and conceal your line before casting.

To being the smart and veteran trout on board it is a great help to understand how to use leaders when spinning, and make sure they are not too noticeable in the water. Not only can these types of leaders hold onto fish that are fighting with all of their might, but they can also absorb the shocks that often coincide with casting and undertake a greater strain than your line would.

Generally your spinning leader should be stronger than the main line, ensuring that it can withstand pressure, friction and rubbing that will come from different objects in the water. Nylon filament is one of the best materials to use for these leaders as it is invisible, smooth, strong, and much easier to use than wire.

The question is: why aren’t more anglers serious when it comes to using leaders while searching for trout?

Why you should Consider Using a Spinning Leader

A spinning leader is in place in order to keep a fish you have hooked into from chewing through the line. Due to the lack of sharp teeth when it comes to trout, there are many that feel they are unnecessary but you have to take into account logs, rocks and other sharp objects as well. It will literally take no more than two minutes to use a surgeon’s knot to replace your leader if you do get caught up.

Compare that to the amount of fish you may lose when things go wrong and it isn’t always worth the risk to avoid the use of leaders. Rushing to re-tie a line is one of the worst things you can due, and taking the time to set up properly reduces the risk of losing any monsters you come across. A leader is simply a rig that is an extension of your main line, so you have to ensure each connection is secure before casting – rusing simply won’t do.

Make Sure any Connections on your Line are Secure

Make Sure any Connections on your Line are Secure

Extra Tips for Using Leaders

Heavy leaders are often a great choice when seeking out poppa trout that are lurking below. The last thing you want to do is lose the monster fish that you have been going after all day just because you used a light leader.

Heavy line is also a wise choice in some instances, but you still want to keep things pretty reasonable. If the trout ends up hanging on the bottom then your leader will often break before the line, which means you save your sinker and will have much less trouble re-tying everything and getting your line back out there.

Wire leaders are really only essential when going after very toothy fish. Using a wire leader for trout in freshwater will often just end up being a waste of time.
They can kink up easily and can be a complete pain to put together.

In the end, a properly tied and quality leader can often mean the difference between a hearty meal at the end of the day or getting skunked. All you need to do is use a little common sense; there is no need to use a 60 pound test leader on 10 pound test line.

One of the best rules of thumb to use when it comes to leaders is to use one that is twice as strong as your line. An overly large leader can spook fish and look out of place. If you are after some small trout then tie on a small leader, if you are after the monsters then go with a bigger leader.

What you bring home at the end of the day is often directly associated with the leaders you decide to use. Use your head, tie one on and you can skip out on that regretful feeling that comes over you when your line snaps in two.

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