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Trout Fishing Tactics by Jim Harmon

Trout – Fishing Tactics is a book I found difficult to get into fully and I would put this down to the fact I am mainly a fly-fisher in Scottish waters and that this book goes into detail on the spinning, bait fishing & trolling methods used for trout fishing in Australia.

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Trout – The Complete Guide by John van Vliet

Trout – The Complete Guide is a very easy and informative read for any trout anglers out there and almost made me feel as though as I was back in school going over and refreshing my memory on the basics of the sport I have been doing for about 17 years now.

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The Trout Fishers Handbook by Lesley Crawford

A short and concise review of The Trout Fisher’s Handbook by Lesley Crawford, one of the most respected trout fishing books available today. Lesley knows her stuff and this book contains some of her top tips, answers to common questions and tactics for tackling streams, rivers and lakes.

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