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Wading for Trout Safely

Wading is something that most trout anglers will do at some point of their fishing career. While it is suggested by many to avoid wading if you can ever simply fish from the shore, it is something that is required in some areas. If you are heading into the water then keep these tips in mind, and you can ensure you stay safe while catching the most trout possible.

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Taking on the Scottish Loch Challenge

Tackling Scottish Lochs can be very challenging to any angler, so Lesley kindly takes us through her top tips when approaching new waters. From understanding local food sources to choosing your location, this article outlines some of the most important tactics to use.

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Back to School – Tips for the Fresh Start Trout Angler

Understanding the basics of trout fishing immediately puts you at an advantage against over-enthusiastic anglers that have bought all the kit and more but have no relevant experience. Drew discusses a few basic tips that will be sure to come in handy.

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Reading Trout Streams

Reading a trout stream is an incredibly important aspect of fishing, yet one that does not always come easy to every angler. Doing it properly means that you need to understand the psychology of trout and how they behave.

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Helpful Tips on Fishing Stillwaters

Time and patience is required to master the art of fishing stillwaters, particularly for elusive trout. Understanding the anatomy of the lake and spotting opportunities is explained in this article.

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Tieing Tippet to Leader

A step by step instruction guide to the Needle Knot, a strong and effective link between your tippet and leader.

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Spooning a Trout to Select Bait

Finding out what the local trout have been feeding on can help increase your prospective chances of increasing the number of bites your line gets. Spooning a catch to investigate its body contents will reveal what it has recently been feeding on.

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5 Tips on Properly Releasing a Trout

Handling a fiery trout once out the water can be a a real challenge, especially if you’re intending to return it to the water undamaged. So we’ve put together 5 tips on returning a trout to the water safely.

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How to Tie a Fishing Hook Knot

You’re reeling in a fighter, he’s only a few metres away and bang…he slips off your line? Why? A few reasons spring to mind, and one that never fails is the fact you tied the line to your hook with a simple double knot. In short, that simply won’t do.

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