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Finding the Perfect Fishing Depth

Tired of fishing for hours and not even attracting the smallest nibble? Your problem could very well be attributed to the depth you are fishing at, especially when it comes to trout.

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Night Fishing Safety

Resident writer Drew Clement explores safety aboard a night fishing boat.

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Silence is Golden…and Catches More Fish!

Does being quiet really help when fishing? Can being noisy leave your lines untouched? Apparently so, take note young fisherman…

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Tick Tock – What is the Best Time to go Trout Fishing?

No matter what time you turn up to your favourite fishing spot shared by others, there will most definately always be someone who has arrived before you and someone leaving after you. So what is the best time to go fishing? Well, that depends – who do you listen to?

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Targeting Trout in Autumn

As the fishing season comes to an end, changing your tactics to stalk large trout in the Autumn can be a wise move.

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